Funny destination wedding in Rome

Jaime & Vanesa

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Duration of photography service:  Around 3 hours

Symbolic ceremony: Tempio di Diana – Villa Borghese

Photo shoot: Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps, Via dei Coronari

Photographer: Luca

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Destination wedding in Rome

Final destination, Rome! Vanessa and Jaime are a Spanish couple who organized their destination wedding in Rome. An alternative and romantic marriage, exclusively for the spouses who chose the Eternal City as the backdrop for their love.

Rome the perfect city for your destination wedding

Often, when a couple lives in a city different from their families’ and decides to get married, the destination wedding becomes an opportunity and a solution. Choosing Rome as the final destination for the wedding has been an alternative for the spouses compared to the traditional wedding to be organized in their own city. And so did Jaime and Vanessa, who organized their wedding in Rome, a romantic city all to themselves.

The wedding day in Rome

With the spouses, we spent a wonderful day together, thanks to the springtime weather, the beauty of Rome, and, above all, the complicity and love of the couple. It was a real pleasure to narrate Jaime and Vanessa’s wedding in Rome. The symbolic ceremony took place at the Temple of Diana, inside Villa Borghese, with only the presence of the spouses who exchanged their vows of love amidst the emotion and curious glances of some Romans, unaware guests of this beautiful declaration of love. After the ceremony, we took a leisurely walk to capture some photos of the couple exploring the most charming corners of Rome, among typical alleys, the warm color of the sunset light, and breathtaking views of the city. Thank you, Jaime and Vanessa, it was a real pleasure to tell your wedding story in Rome!


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