Wedding at deconsacrated church of S.Maria in Tempulo Rome

Ingrid & Babur

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Duration of photography service: All wedding day

Bride preparation & & Venue: Hotel Locarno in Rome

Civil ceremony : Complesso Vignola Mattei Rome

Photographers: Luca e Fulvia

Make up artist: Janita Helova

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Civil wedding at deconsecrated S.Maria in Tempulo church – Rome

In Rome, near the Baths of Caracalla, there is the deconsecrated Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, which the Municipality of Rome makes available to couples to celebrate their marriage with a civil ceremony.

The name itself, “in Tempulo,” evokes the ancient presence of a pagan temple that once stood at this location. The church, with its Romanesque architecture and its frescoes dating back to the Middle Ages, offers a snapshot of the artistic and religious evolution of Rome. The origins of Santa Maria in Tempulo date back to the late 6th century when a Greek religious community built a small oratory dedicated to St. Agatha at this site. Located in the park in front of the Baths of Caracalla, it is one of the venues in the Capital where couples can join in marriage with a civil ceremony. In Rome, in addition to the deconsecrated Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, there are other locations where civil marriages can take place.

Wedding ceremony of Ingrid & Babur at Complesso Vignola Mattei

Ingrid and Babur are an international couple, she’s Italian and he’s Turkish, who have chosen Rome to fulfill their dream of love. The bride’s preparation was carried out in the beautiful room provided by the Hotel Locarno, a charming hotel in the center of Rome. The civil ceremony, attended by a large number of guests from around the world, took place in the fascinating deconsecrated church in Rome of Santa Maria in Tempulo with a short but heartfelt ritual.

For the celebrations, the couple chose the fantastic location of the Studi Romani on the Aventine Hill, a magical and unique place in Rome. Thank you, Ingrid and Babur, it was a real pleasure to photograph your wedding at the deconsecrated church in Rome. We will remember for a long time your discreet and elegant way of loving each other!

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