Wedding at the Great Synagogue in Rome

Tanya and Rogier

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Time of wedding photography service: Complete wedding service – From Bride and Groom preparation up to reception

Ceremony: Great Synagougue  – of Rome – Italy.

Venue: Cavalieri Hilton Rome – Italy

Number of photographers: 2 photographers (Luca & Giuliano)

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Jewish wedding at Great Synagogue in Rome

The gallery is an extract of the wedding day in Rome of Tanya and Rogier, an Italian-English couple during their Jewish wedding in Rome.
The ceremony was taken at the Great Synagogue of Rome, the largest and most popular synagogue in Rome. The Jewish ceremony is always very suggestive and also if it is not easy take pictures inside during the ceremony (this Synagogue is  very strict and you can not easely move during the ceremony) the picture of Tanya and Rogier ceremony are spontaneus and full of emotions as well as bride and groom.
Tanya and Rogier are two guys full of joy and with a beautiful smile, contagious.
It was great to photograph their wedding, so full of emotions , love and with a big, huge party! We worked late , without pause , following all the moments during the reception, from the speechees to the final Jewish dances, so beautiful and animated!

It was a really pleasure work for you, Tanya and Rogier! Thanks a lot guys and all the best!

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