Wedding in Cefalù

Andrea & Giovanni

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Ceremony: Cefalù Cathedral

Venue: Villarosa Palace, Bagheria

Bride preparation: Le Calette Hotel, Cefalù

Groom preparation: Palazzo Maria

Wedding Planner: My Sicily Wedding

Band: Gerardo Vitale Movie: Curcio Film

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Wedding in Cefalù, Sicily

«A one-year tour across the world and then we’ll get married». Andrea and Giovanni (she comes from Venezuela and he from Sicily) decided to leave Paris, where they live, for a journey around the world,
that one year later brought them to Sicily in order to celebrate their wedding. Young, pretty and travel enthusiasts, they decided to get married in the beautiful Norman Cathedral of Cefalù. Even though they
had chosen Italy, Venezuela was still everywhere: in the colours, in the music and especially in the dances. After the ceremony in the Cathedral, that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list,
we walked along the historic centre streets surrounded by tourists and “Sicilianness”, until we reached the beach and the marina. Such unique sights make Cefalù one the most beautiful towns in Italy. Guests
from across the world, came to the island to celebrate the beginning of a new journey with Andrea and Giovanni. It was a wedding full of different cultures, in which, especially thanks to the two fantastic
wedding planners of My Sicily Wedding, we could experience scents, flavours and sounds from Venezuela, Sicily and all over the world. A perfectly successful mash, like our traveller couple, who, in
order to be allowed to dance until late night, chose to have a party after the ceremony in the spectacular Villa Rosa Palace in Bagheria. As a true Venezuelan, Andrea has music in her blood and for her
wedding she asked saxophonist G. Vitale to form a band to make people dance salsa all night long.
Then, at 1 a.m. started the characteristic hora loca, during which we danced wearing masks accompanied by a deejay, as in the best Venezuelan party tradition. We will not easily forget this wedding.

Thank you, guys! We wish you to always keep laughing and dancing like that day, wherever you will be.

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