Wedding at San Nilo Abbey

Andrea & Simona

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Ceremony: San Nilo Abbey – Grottaferrata

Photo: Alessandro e Flavia / @reportagedimatrimoni

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Black and white wedding at San Nilo Abbey in Grottaferrata

A wedding at San Nillo Abbey is is an unforgettable and charming experience..The Abbey of San Nilo in Grottaferrata, also known as the Exarchic Monastery of Santa Maria, is a precious treasure of art and history that we were fortunate to explore more deeply thanks to the marriage of Simona and Andrea.  Its exterior, austere and strict due to the presence of an imposing wall enclosure, contrasts with the interior, where the polychrome decoration of the medieval floor, the golden mosaics from the 12th century, and the sumptuous Baroque stuccoes stand out.

This interesting and evocative difference in perception, capable of surprising and moving those who cross the threshold of the church, is the same that animated the marriage at the Abbey of San Nilo of Simona and Andrea, who chose this sacred place as the setting for their “yes.”¬†Surrounded by the affection and the constant, yet discreet, presence of their families, the two spouses managed to infuse this day with a flavor that we will hardly forget.


After our first meeting with Simona and Andrea, what struck us the most was their connection as a couple, further intensified by the strong shared passion they have for sports. Two athletic physiques and a fresh, dynamic, frank, and straightforward spirit. During the ceremony, their more emotional and sentimental side also emerged. A succession of moments in which, alongside the happy purity of their smiles, the tears of emotion from their closest relatives and friends emerged. Accompanied by their respective families, who naturally and spontaneously never concealed their strong attachment to them, Simona and Andrea revealed, just like the Abbey of San Nilo in Grottaferrata, their innermost and hidden selves. A precious treasure made up of knowing glances, tender and loving caresses, and subtle gestures. The two spouses, through their subtle touches, managed to make their love manifest. A participation and emotion that expanded and filled the air, involving their parents and all their relatives, making the ceremony a unique event. Not only for them but also for us. Thank you, Simona and Andrea; you will remain the ‘tough’ ones with tender hearts who granted us the privilege of capturing the magic of this day in our photographs.


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