Wedding in Santa Costanza Rome

Fiore & Ale

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Duration of Wedding Photography Service: All wedding day

Bride preparation: I Casali del Pino

Wedding ceremony: Santa Costanza church

Reception and party: Private villa

Number of photographers: Two photographers (Luca and Fulvia)

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Wedding at Santa Costanza in Rome

The peculiarity of the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza is its round base, which very few churches in Rome share. It is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic churches to celebrate a wedding in Rome. Its structure allows the couple to be part of an “imaginary emotional circle” with their guests and to maintain constant eye communication with friends and family all ceremony long.
What makes each ceremony celebrated at the Mausoleum of Saint Costanza special is the feeling of being endlessly connected with your dear ones. And, considering how beautiful and heartfelt their wedding ceremony in Saint Costanza was, we are sure Fiorella and Alessandro chose this church precisely for this reason.
At the end of the ceremony, after shooting a nice memento picture with all the guests by the side of the church, we went to Casali del Pino to take photographs of the newlyweds. This is a location where you can get charming views, enhanced by an abundant and high-contrast lighting. The marvelous empathy between Fiorella and Alessandro made the rest!
After the shooting, the newlyweds celebrated with friends and family in a private villa in Rome, where they had plenty of fun and the party went on until late at night.
Thank you, Fiorella and Alessandro! The day we spent together was wonderful and we will remember you and your wedding fondly for a long time.

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