If you have chosen to say “I do”, then very likely both of you feel like you are in heaven when you are together. So, why do not opt for a rooftop wedding in Rome? This is the closest you can get to being – physically – on cloud nine. Can you imagine something more romantic? Enchanting skylines and breath-taking sunsets. The lights of the city flecking the night. People dancing, smiling and celebrating in an intimate setting, hidden away from the rest of the world, yet in the heart of the Capital. There definitely is no missing ingredient to make your “big day” memorable.

A rooftop wedding in Rome is also an original choice, that – depending on the location you will choose – is suited both to events with a huge guest list and to those with a smaller one. These are just a few of the many upsides of this type of venue. If the idea of a rooftop wedding in Rome appeals you, the Eternal City offers a wide range of options.

Borromini Terrace

Hotel Borromini terrace rooftop wedding

The terrace on the 4th floor of Hotel Eicht Borromini, overlooking Piazza Navona, is the right choice for couples who want an intimate rooftop wedding in Rome. Its magnificent view of the dome of Sant’Agnese in Agone church provides a magic scenery for pictures and will leave guests in awe. Being on top of an hotel, Borromini Terrace gives also the opportunity to have on-site accommodation for the newlyweds or their friends and families. More wedding photos at Terrazza Borromini here: Matrimonio intimo Terrazza Borromini

Aroma restaurant – Palazzo Manfredi

Aroma Rooftop Roma

Guest at Aroma Rooftop

If you want an intimate rooftop wedding in Rome featuring a stunning view on the Colosseum, then hotel Palazzo Manfredi with his in house Michelin starred restaurant is the perfect venue for your reception. You and your guests will be able to admire the very heart of Imperial Rome and also the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the background, while celebrating your love and enjoying refined cuisine. Can you think of something more unforgettable? The location can hold up to 40 people and has a romantic and elegant atmosphere, with the Flavian Amphitheatre as special guest.

Caffarelli Terrace

Rooftop Rome Terrazza Caffarelli

Located on the Capitoline Hill, on top of an historical building which houses a section of the famous Capitoline Museums, Caffarelli Terrace is one of the best viewpoints in the city. It is also an ideal setting for an exclusive and luxury rooftop wedding in Rome. Its wide outdoor panoramic space is a perfect backdrop for events all year round, since part of the terrace is equipped with a heating system and a roofed structure that can be closed in case of bad weather.

Hotel Forum

Just a short walk away from the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, the four stars Hotel Forum features a panoramic in house restaurant, which is perfect for parties, events and – of course – for a dreamy rooftop wedding in Rome. The view from there – embracing from Piazza Venezia and the Monument to Victor Emanuel II to the Colosseum and the Forums of Nerva and Caesar – is absolutely impressive, especially at sunset, and the ambience is refined and sophisticated.

Palazzo Naiadi

Sited in the semicircular Piazza della Repubblica, the five stars luxury hotel Palazzo Naiadi features a panoramic terrace with a seasonal plunge swimming pool. The cityscape from the terrace, especially at sunset, is simply magical. At Palazzo Naiadi couples who want a memorable rooftop wedding in Rome will find elegant and scenographic spaces and a team of expert planners ready to meet their expectations. Guests will be dazzle by the magnificent building, the strikingly beautiful marble lobby and the enchanting atmosphere.

Casina Valadier Rooftop

Wedding at Casina Valadier

Those who want a fairy-tale like location for their rooftop wedding in Rome will surely fall in love with Casina Valadier. Located inside the Villa Borghese, on top of the Pincian Hill, it is a building in neoclassical style with a magnificent panorama. Casina Valadier features beautiful outdoor spaces, fascinating viewpoints and elegant interiors. This venue is a perfect choice for intimate and very romantic weddings throughout the year. On the 1st floor it has three terraces, while on the 3rd it has four linked panoramic dining rooms that can host up to 56 people seated and 80 standing.


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