If you wish to get married in the Vatican, you should know that organizing your wedding at Saint Peter’s Basilica is not a forbidden dream. However, wedding rites at the Basilica can only take place in the Choir Chapel, located halfway down the left aisle opposite the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

It is hard to equal the atmosphere of a wedding celebrated at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Not only is it the heart of Christianity but it also provides an impressive setting with its incomparable beauty. The Choir Chapel, in particular, showcases a magnificent vault, decorated with elaborated golden stucco reliefs, and wooden choir stalls artfully inlaid with scenes from the Bible above which stands a large pipe organ.

How to plan your wedding at Saint Peter’s Basilica

As well as being the Pope’s seat, the Basilica is also – to all intents and purposes – a parish church. Therefore, sacraments such as Baptism, Confirmation and Matrimony are regularly administered. Getting married at Saint Peter’s is not at all impossible, although the couples who choose to celebrate their wedding rite at the Basilica are mainly from abroad. This is because few Italians are aware of this opportunity.

Nonetheless, to celebrate your wedding at Saint Peter’s Basilica you have to consider that, as is the case for many other churches, you will have to make a reservation well in advance. Engaged couples can also book a visit to the chapel, which is usually closed by a gate. If you wish to get further information on this, you can contact the parish office by telephone at +39 06 698.85435 or by fax at +39 06 698.85793.

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Things to know before choosing Saint Peter’s Basilica for your wedding

Couples who decide to get married at Saint Peter’s should be aware of some things that make a wedding at the Basilica unlike those taking place at other churches. You should especially know that:

  • You are going to have many unexpected guests. Tourists from all over the world visiting Saint Peter’s Basilica will congratulate and applaud you on your way to the Choir Chapel;
  • There are no restrictions on your choice of the photographer: you can select the one you prefer. The photographer, however, will have to apply for a specific permit/accreditation issued by the parish office of Saint Peter’s Basilica to shoot the wedding ceremony;
  • A permit/accreditation issued by the parish office is also needed to take photographs of the couple inside the Basilica and outside of it, in Saint Peter’s Square.

On the other hand, there are no limitations on the wedding flowers. Couples can select a floral designer of their choice and place the flower arrangements as they like. Seating capacity is not an issue either, since the Choir Chapel holds up to 300 people. Therefore, it is a suitable setting even for weddings with a large guest count.

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Are you planning your wedding at Saint Peter's Basilica?

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