Are you looking for a wedding location not too far from Rome, surrounded by nature, romantic and with a fairy tale vibe? If so, then a wedding in Bracciano is the answer. There you will find all of that in the amazing setting of a Regional Natural Park with a volcanic lake. The beauty of this area has charmed many couples, both from Italy and from abroad, who have chosen to celebrate their wedding in Bracciano.

The magic of a lake wedding

Opting for a wedding in Bracciano gives you the opportunity to enjoy the special atmosphere of a lake. It’s no secret that lakes have always been exclusive and elegant holiday resorts. And this is one of the reasons why they are among the most wanted settings for a wedding. Lake Bracciano is no exception. Firstly, because it is surrounded by a beautiful Natural Park, where woods and a lush countryside are inhabited by a varied wildlife population. Secondly, because Bracciano is not just a lake. If you’re not thrilled with the idea of celebrating your wedding by the water, you can choose to organize it on the amazing hills around the lake. There you will also find an abundance of historic residences where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception.

Wedding in Bracciano by the water

Those who opt for a wedding in Bracciano by the water will enjoy the typical atmosphere of lake areas. They will have reflected lights dancing on the waters and the company of swans, ducks and cormorants. A perfect backdrop both for big weddings and more intimate ones. It doesn’t matter what type of event you choose, you can always count on the elegant allure intrinsic to lakes. One of the most prominent venues is Tenuta di Polline, where romantic atmosphere perfectly blends with nature. This is an ideal location for the ceremony and the wedding reception. On the other hand, those who dream about a fairy tale wedding will find their perfect setting at Scuderie Odescalchi, thanks to its refined and historic atmosphere. Its amazing gardens and magnificent interiors are perfect for weddings all year long.

Wedding in Bracciano on the hills

If you want to organize your wedding in Bracciano, but you don’t want to be by the water, you can choose the hills. There you will be able to have a typical country wedding, surrounded by nature, still keeping an awesome view of the lake. A perfect recipe for a country but at the same time exclusive and refined event. Those who want a bucolic yet elegant vibe will fall in love with Casale di Polline. Whereas those who want a luxury wedding with a romantic and magic allure will fall for Castello Odescalchi. This feudal manor has astonishing exteriors and lavish halls which are absolutely perfect to say “I do” in style.