In the heart of Aventine Hill there is a most exclusive wedding reception venue. It’s the Istituto di Studi Romani. Thanks to its sixteenth-century cloister and its terrace offering one of Rome’s most beautiful views, the institute is a very elegant and high-profile location. It’s perfect for couples who want to host friends and relatives in a refined atmosphere.

The location

The building housing the Istituto di Studi Romani was formerly a convent. It was dedicated to Saint Boniface of Tarsus and Saint Alexius and was founded between the 7th and the 8th century. However, the building owes its current appearance to the 18th century intervention of architect Giovan Battista Nolli.

City view from Istituto degli Studi Romani

The entrance to the Istituto di Studi Romani is on piazza Cavalieri di Malta. As soon as you walk in, you find yourself in a lush courtyard embellished by several archeological artifacts. Walking further in the building the beautiful cloister, for which ancient Roman columns were reused, stands out. Yet, what leaves you breathless is the garden terrace overlooking the Tiber, which is accessed through a three-arched loggia. Form here you can enjoy one of the most spellbinding views of Rome. You can see St. Peter’s dome and in the afternoon you can experience the charm of the roofs of the center of Rome at sunset.

Pros of this location

The Istituto di Studi Romani isn’t the typical wedding reception venue, therefore it is little known. Far from being a flaw, this is in fact one of its best qualities together with the beauty of its exterior and its interiors decorated with columns, epigraphs and frescoes. Moreover, it is located on the Aventine hill, close to several churches (St. Sabina, St. Anselm and St. Alexius) and near the Orange garden, which is a perfect set for the wedding photo shooting. The venue is also close to exclusive hotels (Hotel Sant’Anselmo and Villa San Pio), where the bride and the groom can get ready for the wedding in beautiful rooms and out-of-town guests can stay too. Those are relevant pros, since – if everything is properly organized – you’ll never need to use cars.

Wedding aperitivo at Studi Romani

Please note

The Istituto di Studi Romani has given limited and exclusive use of its spaces for wedding receptions to California Catering. Contacts: California Catering

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