Italian Wedding Albums

Elegant italian handmade wedding books

The printout is the natural destination of a photos.
The album is a safeway to help keep your wedding pictures over time
and allow you to share it with friends and family today and forever

It is nice to be able to collect and keep the story of your weddingin a book.
It would be even better to be able to share the emotions and
the memory of your wedding day with your children and your grandchildren in a distant future.

A testimony of your love to cherish over time.

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Making of the album

Every wedding has a story to tell and each story will be told differently

In order to guarantee that the final product is original and personalized, the layout of the album is manually created for each wedding.

Every album will be created using photographs chosen by the newlyweds and with the help of our experience the right sequence of photos will be found to tell the story of your wedding day.

The layout-service of the wedding album foresee consider:

  • Album creation using the photos selected by the newlyweds: the final product that reflects your preferences while keeping the narrative style of the photographer.
  • Linear and simple layout to present your wedding photographs in an efficient and elegant way.
  • Review of the layout by the couple before printing: it gives you assurance that the album you receive is exactly how you have always imagined it.

To see examples of our wedding albums, the layout and style and ways to tell the story of the wedding day, please contact us visit and take an appointment.

Types of wedding albums

We provide a large range of wedding albums (albums for the wedding couple, photo books, related products for couple’s parents and invitees), of different types and styles.
All our albums use high quality prints that will last in time.

Handmade wedding album

Handmade Italian wedding album with professional or Fine Art print paper

Wedding book

Innovative typographic product, printed on premium paper, handy, youthful and trendy.

Wedding storybook

Photographic wedding books, with high quality prints in modern style that lasts throughout time

The wedding album offer is inclusive with products that has refined style, a true handcrafted designer object.

Special pieces for unforgetable moments.

It is possible to view the complete range of the wedding albums by making an appointment with our studio.

Album gift

Would you like to insert your wedding album in the wedding list for your parents and friends?

Any questions about albums?

If you have questions about the wedding albums contact us or read FAQ about wedding albums