Wedding at Norwegian Embassy Rome

Erlend & Lorunn

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Type of wedding photography service: Family wedding.

Civil ceremony and photo shooting around Rome city center

Ceremony: Norwegian Embassy in Rome

Photographers: Luca & Flavia

Photo tour: Norwegian Embassy, Giardino degli Aranci, Chiesa di Santa Sabina, Circo Massimo and Campidoglio

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This photo gallery is an extract of the family wedding in Rome of Erlend and Jorunn, a crazy beautiful Norway couple (from Oslo) who decided to getting married in Rome.
The wedding was civilly celebrated at the Norwegian Embassy in Rome, where, in additional to the couple, there were few friend and the lovely young daughter of Erlend and Jurun, curios and happy with what was happening around her.
At the end of civil wedding in Norway Embassy (the ceremony lasted few minutes) we walked on to the Giardino degli Aranci, a beautiful garden situated on the top of the Aventino Hill, to take some pictures of bride and groom with a stunning panoramic view over Rome. Outside the Giardino degli Aranci entrance we found a beautiful red Fiat 500 and the couple did not resist and wanted to take a picture inside!
After the Giardino degli Aranci, we went down to the Circo Massimo where Lorunn made one of the most evocative bouquet launches ever with the Roman ruins of the Palatine Hill on the background.
we have finished our photography tour at Campidoglio Hill, not without having tasted an excellent ice cream in aventine avenue, an excellent idea to complete the tour!

Thanks Erlund and Lorunn it was a big pleasure work with you for your wedding in Rome!

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