Wedding at Casina Poggio della Rota

Susanna and Davide

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Time of wedding photography service: Complete wedding service – From Bride & Groom preparation up to reception

Civil ceremony: Casina Poggio della Rota – Italy.

Venue: Casina Poggio della Rota – Italy

Number of photographers: 2 photographers (Luca & Nando)

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Wedding at Casina Poggio della Rota – Viterbo

The gallery is an extract from Susanna and David’s full-day wedding photo shoot at Casina Poggio della Rota, one of the most beautiful and evocative places to celebrate a wedding in the immediate proximity of Rome.

I will always remember this day and the touching series of suggestions, emotions and funny moments: tears, laughs, emotion, happiness and fun. And then lots of beauty, that beauty made of simple and true things that warm the heart. Thank you Susanna and David, it was a real pleasure to work for (and with) you!

Special thanks to the location manager Alessandra Espositi, professional and impeccable in her work. Working at Casina Poggio della Rota is always a big pleasure, thank you! For more information on the location, visit the website: Casina Poggio della Rota.

Last but not least, special thanks to my friend and talented colleague Nando Ginnetti who worked with me on this shooting.

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