Wedding in Campidoglio Hall in Rome

Daniela & Soheil

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Duration of Wedding Photography Service: All wedding day

Number of photographers: Two photographers (Luca and Giuliano)

Location of Civil Ceremony: Campidoglio Hall –  Rome

Reception: Villa Brasini 489 –  Appia Antica, Rome – Italy

Catering: Le Bohneur

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Getting married in Campidoglio Hall in Rome

For those who choose to getting married in Rome, Campidoglio Hall is the best choice for celebrate your civil wedding in the eternal city.
Right the historical centre, located in a dominant position offering a splendid view of the Roman Forum, Campidoglio is still one of the most symbolic places for Romans and even more for foreigners who want to make their dream of love come true in the eternal city.
Every year many couples from all over the world decide to getting married in the eternal city and they choose to do it in the Campidoglio Hall in Rome.

Campidoglio Hall has been chosen also by Daniela and Soheil, a foreign couple (she was german and he was Iranian) as a favorite place to celebrate their civil wedding in Rome.
As a lot of couple who choose over years our offers and our professionality, Daniela found us just checking on the web looking for a photographer based in Rome.
From the first web contact we both felt a good feeling. Good vibes we felt from the beginning have been confirmed at the first meeting in Rome in front of an italian coffee cup and having a nice talk. In addiction to have met two kind persons, their nice child has increased my preavius idea of this family.
The will to capture by photography a so very special day like their wedding and so intimate family, increased a lot our awareness and our pleasure to be an important part of it and through our point of view in photography, a work that will be a fundamental part of Daniela and Soheil’s family album.
The photography tale of the wedding between Daniela and Soheil began in the morning in a house in the historical centre where, with their beloved child and their witnesses, they prepared themselves for the event, taking care to never meet each others. Later, surrounded by warm and engaging atmosphere, Daniela and Soheil getting married in Campidoglio Hall and promised eternal love to each other.
Bride and groom, together with friends and relatives celebrate their wedding reception at Villa Brasini masterfully curated by the staff of Le Bohneur who contributed to the success of a fairytale marriage. Thank you Daniela and Soheil for choosing us and giving us the privilege to be visual storytellers of the feelings of this splendid wedding.

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