Fairytale wedding in Labro

Carla & Edward

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Duration of photography service: All wedding day

Bride and groom preparation: private home

Ceremony: Santa Maria Maggiore – Labro (VT)

Venue: Labro Castle

Number of photographers: Two photographers (Luca and Fulvia)

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Fairytale wedding in Labro at Nobili Vitelleschi Castle

Located in Central Italy, on the border between Lazio and Umbria, on a gentle hill overlooking the valley with a X century castle and a lake at its foot, Labro is a typical Italian village with alleys and genuine people. The atmosphere there is one of pure peace and quiet and walking its neat and almost empty alleys you feel like you are back in another time and in another world.

Our young couple decided to celebrate their wedding in this nice small town. Carla, Italian, and Edward, English, organized a fairytale wedding in Labro. It was simple and carefully planned, with plenty of friends and family members who filled the alleys of the village until late night.

The wedding rite was celebrated at S. Maria Maggiore Church, in Labro. At the end of the ceremony there was a cocktail in the alleys during which guests and residents of the village could drink to the beautiful couple. Like any fairytale worthy of the name, in addition to the prince and the princess, there had to be a castle.

The wedding reception was held inside Nobili Vitelleschi Castle, a beautiful manor where the newlyweds and their guests had dinner by candlelight. After the traditional cake cutting, Carla and Edward and their friends paraded through the alleys of the village to reach a club where the dance started and the party began.

Heartfelt thanks, Carla and Edward! It was a pleasure to tell the story of your wedding through pictures.

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