Wedding at Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome

Giulia & Giuseppe

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Duration of photography service: All wedding day

Bride preparation: private home

Ceremony: Basilica Ss Quattro Coronati in Rome

Venue: Villa Montemario

Number of photographers: Two photographers (Luca and Fulvia)

Planning: Valentina Messineo WP

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Wedding at Santi Quattro Coronati – Rome, Italy

Giulia + Giuseppe = Adriano
Giulia and Giuseppe’s wedding is a beautiful story, as sweet and tender as only a mother can be with her children and as participating and protective as a father. I have known Giulia for some time, even if I had almost lost sight of her over the last few years. I can remember exactly her phone call last winter, when she announced me that she was getting married and told me she wanted me to shoot her wedding reportage. I cannot tell how long we spoke since Giulia’s opening question “Do you remember me?” and my final answer “I do” to her request of being her wedding photographer, but I do remember how overflowing with happiness I was when I hung up the phone knowing that I had this new story to tell in pictures.

Giulia and Giuseppe’s wedding was a never-ending succession of wonderful moments, tender gestures, radiant smiles and a great abundance of love. You could feel the mutual love of the bride and the groom and that of the couple for their guests and vice versa, but above all you could distinctly perceive Giulia and Giuseppe’s love for their little baby, for whom we feel honored to have created some little but important memory of his parents’ beautiful day of celebration. The gallery is an extract of Giulia and Giuseppe’s wedding reportage. For the wedding rite they chose the Basilica of Santi Quattro Coronati, located in a hidden corner of the Celio neighborhood in Rome, very close to the Colosseum. A magnificent church surrounded by a rather surreal peace, light years away from downtown noise and chaos.

After the ceremony and before the reception, we and the newlyweds treated ourselves to a brief walk in the Orange Garden on Aventine Hill. The wedding reception was held at Villa Monte Mario, located in the neighborhood of the same name. The villa is surrounded by a park with centuries-old trees and gives you a spellbinding view of Rome.
Special thanks go to the good WP Valentina, who perfectly arranged every detail of the day together with Giulia.  A heart-felt thank you to Giulia and Giuseppe: it was really wonderful to take part in your wedding!

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